Pagan Wedding Quotes My Pagan Handfasting Wedding Is Coming Up And Need Help With Hairstyle!!?

My pagan handfasting wedding is coming up and need help with hairstyle!!? - pagan wedding quotes

I'm not your daughter wants a tradition to my wedding. I wear my hair, but want something unique. I would put maybe a little, but not all. If anyone has an idea, I want to know!


Rozmin said...

I like to take a picture of a braid. I just do a French braid, in a corner, go to the upper front part of the head. Bangs I, it is especially good for the edge, and the hair on the face, but it is very beautiful and romantic, even if you do long hair down.

Kay said...

can try a low ponytail that are wider. so that your hair is still on the back, but from the road.

cspace said...

What is the name of Pete is a pagan "Handfasting" marriage?

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